Over 9000 Swords

Modular Melee Weapon System

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‘Over 9000 Swords’ by Broad Strokes is a modular weapon system designed to help you quickly add variety to your game.

Free Unity Demo (57 MB)

With 44 different components split over four categories, it’s possible to make up to 13,552 different unique swords with the meshes provided – and this package has been designed from the ground up to let you easily extend that amount with additional sword parts or even add your own unique weapon types and components.

This modular system also comes with easy-to-use material preset management, that lets you quickly create variations in color, metallic value, roughness, or emissive power that will be applied consistently across the entire weapon and all its parts.

Selective randomization features and full networking support are also included, as well as a demo level complete with tutorials and examples of how to use this package in your game. And we’ve even added a crafting station with a simple user interface as an implementation example that you can use as-is, or modify to fit your game.

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Or get it on the Unity Asset Store, if that’s more your jam!

How to: Using/Extending the system

Unreal Engine 4 version

The UE4 package includes a level with tutorials and examples. In addition, here is a documentation page.

Unity version

Please see the Unity documentation page.

Technical Support

If you run into any bugs or issues, please email us at support@broad-strokes.com.

We also have a dedicated support Slack for owners of this package, where you can get instant support directly from the developer. Email support@broad-strokes.com to get access!