Showdown at the O.K. Coral

Jam entry for Ludum Dare 29

Title screen



You are the greatest collector crab in the world. Truly, other crabs bow before your collecting prowess. However, word of your riches has reached the school of Evil Fish. They are coming to raid your cave. Defend your home from their murderous hordes using any means necessary. If any of them breach your sanctum, you lose!


You are a COLLECTOR CRAB set on defending his stash from the EVIL FISH. You are willing to use any and all means necessary. This includes sticking other undersea life to your back and forcing them to fight your enemies for you! Use the A and S keys to move left and right, and the W key to jump. You can fire your weapons by pressing SPACEBAR or LEFT CLICK on the mouse (Hold down for constant fire). You will start with a single BARNACLE GUN on the ground next to you. COLLECT IT and prepare to defend yourself! Upgrade your shell with more BARNACLE GUNS, or if you’re lucky, you’ll find a friendly ELECTIC EEL to help shock your enemies into submission! Hold out against the hordes as long as you can.

It’s your home, you have to defend it.


About this game:

Showdown at the O.K. Coral was made in only 72h by Jayden Black, Linden Wright, and Jan Kaluza for Ludum Dare 29. Be warned, it is completely unbalanced and full of bugs!

Known Issues:

If you get a “missing msvcr120.dll” error, try again after you install the 32-Bit Visual C++ redistributables for Windows, which you can download directly from Microsoft here.