Hex Racer

Jam entry for Ludum Dare 30




A Wipeout-inspired transdimensional racing game! Avoid mines with skillful maneuvering, or engage your Virtuality Drive to phase through them! But beware, Virtuality’s creatures don’t like intruders!


  • Throttle: [W] or [Up]
  • Brake: [S] or [Down]
  • Turning: [A]/[D] or [Left]/[Right]
  • Strafing: [Q]/[E] or [RCtrl]/[Num0]
  • Engage Virtuality Drive: [Space]
  • Exit with Alt+F4

About this game:

Hex Racer was made in only 72h for the Ludum Dare 30 Game Jam by Scott Baker and Jan Kaluza, with additional work by Peter Newton (UI) and Yoeri Vleer (Effects). It lacks balancing and a mechanic to keep track of when you complete a lap, and it’s quite possible to glitch out of the track. You’ve been warned!

Known Issues:

If you get a “missing msvcr120.dll” error, try again after you install the 32-Bit Visual C++ redistributables for Windows, which you can download directly from Microsoft here.