Fifty Shades of Heyyyyy!

Submission to UE4 February Gamejam: “Love is a Battlefield”


Submission version:

Fifty Shades of “Heyyyyy!”

As I described it once, in a sleep-deprived state: “In short, it’s a shooter, but instead of killing people you hit, you make them fall in love with you. It takes place at a highschool prom. The goal is to become the most loved teenager at the school! Just like in real life. Oh, also there’s flower bombs.”


  • WSAD/Gamepad LS: Move
  • Mouse/Gamepad RS: Aim
  • Left click/Gamepad RT: Charm (shoot hearts at people!)
  • Right click/Gamepad LT: Flower bomb! (Exclamation mark is mandatory)

About this game:

Fifty Shades of “Heyyyyy!” was made in only 72h for the Unreal Engine February game jam with the theme “Love is a Battlefield”. It was created by Jan Kaluza, Aaron Leaton, Bruno Brito, Levon Church, and Niky Leaton. There are bugs – you have been warned!