Submission to UE4 December Gamejam: “What’s in the box?”


Post-gamejam version 1.04:


Explore the temple and manipulate arcane machinery! Can you solve the riddles that keep a mysterious box at the center of this otherworldly temple locked?

VR Support (Oculus Rift DK2)

Euclidia has full Oculus Rift DK2 support. With your DK2 set to Direct mode, press Ctrl+R while in game to activate VR mode. While in VR mode, press Shift+R or the select button on your gamepad to reset the Rift’s orientation.



  • WSAD: Move
  • Mouse: Look
  • Space: Jump
  • E, F, or Left Mouse Button: Interact
  • Shift: Sprint
  • Alt+Enter: Fullscreen
  • Esc: Exit


  • LS: Move
  • RS: Look
  • A: Jump
  • X: Interact
  • RT: Sprint

About this game:

Euclidia was made in only 72h for the Unreal Engine December game jam with the theme “What’s in the box?”. It was created by Jan Kaluza, Luke Parkes-Haskell, Yoeri ‘Luos’ Vleer and Scott Baker. Like all my games so far, it’s made in Unreal Engine 4.

Additional Credits:

Ambient music by Chris Zabriskie

Skybox textures by Jockum Skoglund aka hipshot:

One texture by