Flowstone Cave VR Experience

Flowstone Cave 4

About the Flowstone Cave:

The Flowstone Cave is a free, short interactive experience for the Oculus Rift DK2. There is no objective – it is just an environment to explore. There is no way to win or lose. Just grab your flashlight, look around, and play tourist!




  • WSAD or Left Stick on gamepad to move
  • Mouse or Right Stick on gamepad to look around
  • F key or X button to toggle flashlight
  • L key or A button to toggle cave illumination
  • Esc key, Tab key, or Start button to open options menu.
  • VR controls:
    • Ctrl + R key to toggle VR mode
    • Select button or Shift + R key to reset Rift orientation

Known Issues:

None so far. If you find any, let me know in the comments on this page!