Major Website Maintenance Complete

2 minute read

If you’ve visited this website in the last few days, you may have noticed a safety warning pop up in your browser…

I’m sorry to say the reports were right. It appears that a malicious WordPress plugin has injected some malware into the site, full-on redirecting users to an ad-site (which was probably also infected with malware) the first time they clicked on anything. Well, we couldn’t have that now, could we? Nuke it from orbit, I say! That’s why, instead of trying to salvage WordPress with all its bloat and thousands of fragmented PHP files, I decided to move the whole website over to a static site generator.

This site now runs on Jekyll, although “runs on” isn’t quite correct - Jekyll runs on my own computer at home, and I use it to generate a whole static website from a bunch of text files, which I then upload to this web server, where you can access it. That has the advantage that whenever you load a page from this website, it’s just a static .html page - with no code whatsoever being executed on the server. That doesn’t just make everything faster, it also makes it more secure for everyone. Yay!

I’m not quite happy with the new layout yet, so expect some adjustments there. And please, please let me know if anything breaks - just send me an email or poke me on Twitter!

Again, I’m sorry - not just for the inconvenience this might have caused, but also because I hope that no one got exposed to malware themselves. As far as I can tell the stuff was only up there for a day or two at most, but you never know… Everything is nice and new and clean again now though, and happy faces prevail!

Unfortunately this emergency website surgery also means that I couldn’t finish part 3 of my Power of Math™ tutorial this weekend, and you’re going to have to wait for it just a little while longer.

Take care and safe browsing, everyone!