Over 9000 Swords for UE4 and Unity now available! Free demo!

1 minute read

Yes, you read that right – I think we’re probably one of the first cross-engine asset packs that doesn’t just consist of meshes, textures or art assets. Over 9000 Swords has been available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace for a good few weeks now, but earlier this week we finally got it released on the Unity Asset Store as well!

Here’s a free demo of the Unity version! It contains a small selection of the included mesh parts for you to try

Download Unity Demo (57 MB)

The written documentation for it is available on this site as well now (UE4/Unity), and if you require any assistance getting it set up in your game, Lee and I are available via a dedicated support Slack live chat we’ve set up just for you. Email support@broad-strokes.com with your order ID/purchase confirmation to get access! A bunch of video tutorials are also planned for those of you who like to watch, if you know what I mean.

So, what’s next? We’re already well on the way to the next pack, and there’s also a free update in the works that adds seasonally topical nondescript energy swords! We hope you like this – we’ve put a lot of effort into making this as usable and easy to extend as possible! The feedback we’ve got so far has been pretty positive, which fills us with joy! Thanks for making us happy, you awesome people 🙂 We’ll try to keep creating cool and useful things for you in the future!

Peace out!