1 minute read

This weekend I made my first puzzle game!

It was pretty fun, except for the part at the end where it turned out some obscure compilation bug makes critical parts needed to advance not work. One of three puzzles can be played though, and as it happens it’s the one I like best! Also, the level itself turned out alright. If you want to play it, you can… Not sure when we’ll be able to fix those bugs (if ever – some weird stuff going on there…) but you can download it from its submission post on the UE4 December gamejam thread.

So, despite everything, all the frustrations, etc. I’m pretty proud of this. Never made a puzzle before! And even if the process was painful in places, it gave me my first proper gamedev-proud moment: watching someone else try to figure out a puzzle I had made on Twitch, that was all kinds of special. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy!

Anyway. I’m gonna sleep for a week now. The next time I say “Yeah, I’m gonna take it easy on this one”, don’t believe a word I say.